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The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA)


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The AHEPA Family is an umbrella organisation that encompasses four divisions: AHEPA, the men’s division, the Daughters of Penelope, the women’s division, the Sons of Pericles and the Maids of Athena, the youth divisions.



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Daughters of Penelope

On November 16th, 1929 Alexandra Apostolides Sonenfeld with the encouragement of her husband Dr. Emanuel Apostolides, a devoted Ahepan, formed the Women’s Auxiliary of the Order of AHEPA. The first 25 charter members were the wives of Ahepa members. Mrs. Apostolides envisioned a new beginning for the first generation Greek-American women. She drafted the basic principles of the organization which were an inspiration to all women. She undertook to write the Constitution and By-Laws of the Daughters of Penelope as we know it today.

Sons of Pericles

Sons of Pericles

Eleven young greeks, with a spirit which equalled that of their ancestors, conceived the idea of and organized the Sons of Pericles. Together with the aid of some Ahepans from the Manchester, N.H. Chapter, these young men were the first members of the Order and are known collectively as the founders of the Sons of Pericles.

Maids of Athena

The Maids of Athena is a junior order of the Daughters of Penelope, which is the female affiliate of AHEPA. The Maids are also the sister organization of the Sons of Pericles, the male youth affiliate to AHEPA. We have chapters and districts located throughout the United States and Canada. Wherever you are, there is bound to be a chapter near you. And if there is not, let’s set one up in your area! The experience will be beneficial to all those in your area that would qualify for membership.


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